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Hopi Silver Money Clip-Humped Back Flute Player

  • $179.99
"This exceptional Hopi Money clip by Kevin Takala features the Kokopelli or Humped Back Flute Player Prayer Feathers and above him stars and rain clouds. This money clip features exquisite design elements incorporating very fine design work. The amount of effort and care he has invested in these is noteworthy.

Prayer Feathers: are created out of cottonwood root or cedar and have specific feathers attached to catch the wind. They are generally created to communicate with the Creator of the Kachinas and are used to accomplish specific tasks of protection and blessings.

Kokopelli: This character is known as the fertility god, humped back flute player, or shape changer and was revered by all Native American People who knew of him. His representation can be found carved on the side of cliffs, inside caves, mimicked by Kachina Dolls and even in personal adornment. He is generally known to bring good luck and fortune. Among the Hopi people he carries unborn children on his back passing them out to women. Kokopelli also takes part in marriage rituals, crop rituals and he also chases away winter and brings in spring. Kokopelli can also appear with has consort, Kokopelmana.