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Native American Jewelry

Native American jewelry, primarily crafted by the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni nations, has earned a reputation for its beauty and precision. Featuring turquoise, sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones, the creations of the U.S. Native American tribes are highly sought after around the world. Here, we are excited to offer you a selection of these marvelous Native American Turquoise pieces.

We have a wide selection of bracelets, key rings, money clips, earrings, necklaces, pendants, buckles, rings, barrettes, pins, and bolo ties that incorporate traditional symbology, silver, leather, and semi-precious gemstones.  Renowned Native American jewelers and designers including Bruce Morgan, Freddy Maloney, Anson & Letitia Wallace, Darren Seweyestewa, Pat Tewaina, Merle Namoki and others have lovingly shared their culture through their jewelry designs.