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Pendleton Blankets

The Legend Behind Pendleton Blankets:

We offer free shipping and no sales tax (except Arizona) on most of our large selection of Pendleton blankets. During the turn of the 20th Century the Pendleton Blanket legend was born at a woolen mill in Pendleton, Oregon that began producing striking wool blankets with vivid colors and authentic Native American Indian designs for the Umatilla and Cayuse indian tribes in the Northwest. The popularity of the "Pendleton Blanket" began to spread to other tribes and settlers that were moving into the region. Tourists venturing to the area from the west also purchased the weavings as souvenirs to take home for themselves and family. The combination of beauty, quality, durability and the superior warmth of the wool blankets made them popular for a wide range of outdoor activities and in the end earned Pendleton a reputation for superb craftsmanship and quality which continues to be a hallmark of the Pendleton Blanket and other Pendleton Products.