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1 7/8" Hopi Sterling Silver Earrings - Feather

SKU: DSER178-001
  • $179.99

These 1-7/8"" Hopi Sterling Silver Earrings are in the shape of feathers, which are so well loved in Hopi culture. Matte or satin finishes are achieved by the use of very fine steel wool during the final polishing phase.

Many Native Americans believe that all things man has created began with dreams or thoughts. The lizard is a reminder to us of our thoughts and their power to create. Within the design of the feather are also the symbols for clouds and rain.

Rain Clouds: The rain clouds, water & rain represent renewal, fertility and overall good fortune. The corn that the Hopi's raise on their high desert plateaus depend upon rain for growth and sustenance. The corn in turn sustains the Hopi people.