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Some of the stunning Native American jewelry we offer at Indian Traders features Kokopelli. What does he symbolize?

Who is Kokopelli?

Kokopelli is a wistful, whimsical humanoid figure, representing a mischievous Minstrel, or musical spirit. Kokopelli is represented as a humpback playing the flute, often with antennae, knobby knees, clubfeet, and a large phallus.

Kokopelli symbolizes fertility and was traditionally believed to bring success and good fortune for human conception as well as for growing crops and hunting. He is also considered to be a warrior, trickster, insect, traveling salesman, and hunting magician.

This motif is a prominent figure in many Hopi legends, and it survives from the ancient Anasazi Indians of 3000 years ago, who established him as a deity and carved and painted the figure onto boulders, rock walls, and ceramics. Many believe that he originally represented early Aztec traders from Meso-America. These salesmen (Potchecas) carried a large sack upon their backs and announced their arrival in settlements by playing their flutes.

The legend and imagery were widespread throughout the southwestern landscape of what is now the continental USA from 500 A.D. through 1325 A.D., at which time the Katsina Cult developed. Hopi, Taos, and Acoma tribes still revere Kokopelli.


  • Some believed that Kokopelli went between settlements, turning winter to spring with the music from his flute, melting snow and bringing rain for the harvest.
  • According to one Hopi myth, Kokopelli’s sack contained babies which were to be given to young women. Another states that when he sings and dances in the night, all the young women in the village will conceive.
  • In the San Idelfonso Pueblo village, he was a wandering minstrel whose sack was filled with songs to be traded for new songs.
  • Some Pueblo myths depict him as a seducer.
  • Navajo believed Kokopelli was a harvest god, and his sack was made of clouds filled with seeds or rainbows.

Kokopelli at Indian Traders

This is among the most recognized symbols of Native American culture, found in jewelry and much more.

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