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Caring for your Pendleton Blanket

Your beautiful Pendleton wool blanket is a sound investment – not only is it stunningly beautiful and warm; when you look after it, it will last a lifetime. No matter whether you have a Pendleton throw for your sofa, Native American blankets for your bed or wall decor, or even a saddle blanket for your horse, there is no finer product on the market than an authentic blanket created by Pendleton.

To make your blanket last forever and look and feel fabulous, you’ll need to understand some basic care principles...

The Basics of Wool

Wool is a durable, natural fibre and it is a fantastic choice for blankets as well as apparel. It is among the very best fibres for warmth, comfort, and durability.

Wool is literally sheep hair or fur. Made of keratin, just like human hair is, it is naturally-crimped and its fibres overlap and expand and contract to provide a material that is elastic for comfort and resilience. The fibres are also covered by a thin membrane of waxy material that repels rain but absorbs perspiration. Wool is porous and traps air at 80% of its volume; as such, it’s a great insulator and keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Your Pendleton blanket has been made from wool that has never been used before – so it’s qualities have not been diminished by using recycled goods.

Wool is naturally:

  • Comfortable
  • Resilient
  • Versatile
  • Water-Resistant
  • Flame Retardant
  • Durable

Maintain your Blanket

Hang your blanket to restore its smoothness and eliminate wrinkles.

Mop up spills from your blanket as soon as possible and air it out regularly.

When it comes to cleaning your Pendelton wool blanket, professional dry-cleaning by a reputable provider is the best option. Washing your blanket, even when done to the letter according to care tags, will result in some shrinkage. When washed, blankets will also lose some of their smooth, soft aesthetic and becoming stiffer and denser. Unless your blanket tag stipulates that it is washable, dry cleaning is by far your best course of action.

Prevent Damage from Moths

Moth damage can occur when your blanket is stored or unused. Clothing moths like dark places to lay their eggs and the larvae feed on wool. Prevent damage to your woollen blankets by:

  • Clean your blankets prior to storing them
  • Brush your blankets regularly with a lint brush
  • Store your woollen blankets on airtight bags or boxes
  • While mothballs and camphor are very effective at deterring moths, herbal and cedar moth repellent products are not particularly effective.

Your Native American blankets will have pride of place in your home – care for them well, and they will last a lifetime. Browse our range today at Indian Traders...