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Artisan Spotlight: Harrison Bitsue

One of the talented artisans whose work we are proud to carry here at Indian Traders is Harrison Bitsue. 

Harrison Bitsue is a Navajo silversmith who was introduced to traditional Native American jewelry-making techniques as a young child. His grandfather was Navajo silversmith Charlie Bitsue, who crafted his own work as well as making silver housing for inlay jewelry made by Zuni artisans. Harrison’s father and several extended family members also handmake jewelry.

Growing up between the Navajo Reservation and school in Utah, Harrison crafted his first pieces, najas (crescent pieces at the center of a squash blossom necklace) and rings, at the age of seven under his grandfather’s guidance. 

He is renowned for his Old-Style Sandcast Technique and use of large pieces of turquoise. 

Old Style Sandcast Technique