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Star Watchers Cape

  • $980.00

Star Watchers Cape

 Bringing back the fun and sensible style of a cape, this will keep you just the right temperature while you’re out and about.  Our cape is reversible, offering two wearing options displaying different hues of blue.  

Made with the Pendleton® Star Watchers wool blanket. 

Since ancient times, Native Americans have practiced astronomy to predict the arrival of the brightest stars. Mysterious medicine wheels in Wyoming and Canada track the rising of Aldebaran, Rigel and Sirius, inspiring this dynamic design. The Pawnee people of the Central Plains honored the Pleiades Cluster, and believe the Pole Star was a protective chief who shone highest in the night sky. Pawnee lodges and villages were planned with astronomy in mind, dedicating one corner of each village to the Evening Star.  

Blanket weight, wool felt trim, antique silver metal button closure. One size. 

  • 82% pure virgin wool woven in the USA
  • 18% cotton
  • Approx 31.5” back length
  • Dry clean only
  • Made in the USA