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Prairie Rush Hour Ruana

  • $440.00
  • $580.00

Prairie Rush Hour Wool Ruana 

This cozy wool ruana is an easy transition piece for Fall or Winter, slip your arms through and go.  Gives just the right amount of warmth with its breathable open front style.  Made from the popular Pendleton® Prairie Rush Hour Wool blanket, honoring bison that have roamed our prairies and valleys for millions of years and still do today as protected animals in the National Parks of North America. 

Napped wool gives the wool a slightly fluffy texture. Reversible, with two front pockets on the primary side. Colors include earthy browns, copper, navy, and multiple shades of gray.  One size. 

* 100% pure virgin wool
* Faux suede trim
* Approx 29.25” back length from collar to hem
* Arm openings appx 11"
* Dry clean only
* Unisex
* Made in the USA