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Indian Traders: Native American Jewelry - Artist Spotlight

Indian Traders: Native American Jewelry - Artist Spotlight

We are incredibly proud of our collection of genuine Native American jewelry at Indian Traders. Our diverse range of pieces has been handcrafted by authentic Native silversmiths and artisans, including Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi men and women. These talented artists use traditional practices, motifs, symbols, and designs to bring their stunning pieces to life for us to enjoy.


Here, in no particular order, are some of our contributing artists…


  1. Hopi silversmith Darren Seweyestewa was first attracted to his craft by observing other Hopi silversmiths at the Second Mesa Cultural Center. Salf-taught, he started working with copper and transitioned to silversmithing and making jewelry. He is now amongst the most renowned Hopi silversmiths.
  2. Harrison Bitsui is one of our top artisans at Indian Traders. The grandson of Navajo silversmith Charlie Bitsui, he began crafting najas and rings under his grandfather’s tutelage at the tender age of just seven years. He is renowned for his stunning Native American turquoise jewelry.
  3. Danny Martinez is a member of the famous Navajo Martinez family of silversmiths. We offer a striking array of his leather concho bracelets featuring silver inlaid turquoise and other stones.
  4. Jessica and Malcolm Chavez are Zuni artists whose striking inlay pieces feature vibrant stones including turquoise, jet, coral, and other stones.
  5. Harold Smith is a Zuni artist whose work features a variety of stones set in the characteristic Zuni inlay style. We have pieces of his showcasing turquoise, spiny oyster, jet, and even fossilized walrus tusk.
  6. Chris Charley is a well-known Navajo silversmith who also enjoys sand painting and pottery. His refined, crisp stamp work pieces hark back to traditional Navajo techniques, and feather motifs feature heavily in his jewelry.
  7. Henry Morgan is a third-generation Navajo silversmith who was born and raised on the Navajo Reservation. Silversmithing since 1991, he works with traditional sand casting techniques and favours an “Old Pawn” oxidised finish for many of his jewelry pieces. We have a selection of his bracelets and buckles in our store.
  8. Peggy Skeets belongs to the Navajo Nation, and her distinctive collection at Indian Traders includes unique White Buffalo pendants and Hopi-inspired silver and gold overlay earrings.
  9. Arnold Blackgoat hails from a long line of Navajo silversmiths, harking back to his great-grandfather Moses Blackgoat who started silversmithing and making jewelry in the early 1900s. Arnold began silversmithing at age eight, and today is known for precision free-hand stamping and his use of heavy-gauge silver and high-grade stones. We carry an array of his stamped silver money clips, keyrings, and hair ties 
  10. Pat Tewaina is a Hopi silversmith who creates delicate overlay post-stud earrings and rings. Pieces this small are challenging to craft by hand and Pat’s craftsmanship is flawless.
  11. Navajo silversmith Samuel Yellowhair creates beautiful silver and turquoise jewelry of which we are delighted to carry several pendants and earrings.
  12. Michael Sockyma is a Hopi artist from the village of Kykotsmovi on the Third Mesa. As well as crafting spectacular overlay pendants, pins, and earrings (which we offer at Indian Traders) he also makes carved kachinas for ceremonial dances and collectors. Michael has several family members who are also silversmiths.
  13. Cecilia Iule is the daughter of renowned Zuni artist Horace Iule. He was notable for his traditional Zuni crosses that were made from sterling silver and turquoise. Directly inspired by the work of her father, and using some of his original sand casting equipment, Cecilia crafts beautiful Zuni multi-stone cross pendants that feature an array of different stones, including coral, turquoise, shell, jet, malachite, lapis lazuli, opal, and others.
  14. Lee Charley is a reputed Navajo silversmith known for his delicate, detailed jewelry. Learning his craft from his mother, he handcrafts both contemporary and traditional pieces and his work is frequently inspired by crosses, dragonflies, and other wildlife. We have very pretty pieces by Lee made from silver, turquoise, and coral.

Some of our gorgeous pieces are not attributed to a named artist but to Running Bear. Founded in the 1970s, this is an industry trader that runs a manufacturing and wholesale store that supplies galleries and jewelry stores with Native American jewelry and other items from Arizona and New Mexico. It purchases jewelry directly from named artisans for resale, and also directly commissions high-quality pieces for sale specifically under its own banner. These pieces are identified by the “RB” hallmark and the specific artists are not represented.

We also have some pieces from FAT, or First American Traders. Based in New Mexico, this family-owned trader and manufacturer has been operating since 1974 but originated in 1913 with the Salina Springs Trading Post in Arizona. FAT’s current owner’s grandfather grew up on the Navajo Reservation and used the Dine language throughout his life, as well as learning Zuni and forming close bonds with these Nations. FAT’s authentic Native American artists produce premium-quality jewelry (as well as pottery, kachinas, dreamcatchers, fetishes, and more).

We offer stunning jewelry from a vast number of other Native American artists as well – so explore our range to discover something new.

Browse our catalogue now for something really special – we guarantee you’ll be spoiled for choice!