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Hopi Pendant Featuring Koyemsi & Prayer Feathers

  • $208.00
"Intricately designed pendant by Kevin Takala featuring the Koyemsi ( Mud Head) kachina clown, prayer feathers to to the right and a Kiva opening to the left. This very intricate pattern is cut out by hand using intricate blades, very impressive work by Kevin!

Prayer Feathers: Prayer feathers or "Pahos" are created out of cottonwood root or cedar and have specific feathers attached to catch the wind. They are generally created to communicate with the Creator of the Kachinas and are used to accomplish specific tasks of protection and blessings.

Koyemsi Katsina: The Mudhead or Koyemsi was introduced to the Hopi's by the Zuni peublo and are part of the Clown Katsinas. They may appear either individually or has a chorus group during the dances. During breaks in the dances they may also involve younger children in games.