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Preservation Series-Early Navajo Child's Blanket

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  • $299.00
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The Early Navajo (Dine) Child’s Blanket (PS02) exemplifies the Classic Period of Navajo weaving, and such pieces are named child’s blankets due to their small size, intricate patterns, and skillful weaving. These creations feature various hues of red, which are derived from red trade cloth that weavers unraveled and deftly implemented into their fabric. The weaving is rooted in an original piece held in The Durango Collection. The Preservation Series is a new, specialized collection of blankets modeled after historic weaving from across the Americas; furthermore, part of every purchase goes to supporting Native American arts, education, and health.

  • Size: 64" x 80"
  • Unnapped; fabric is uncombed for sharper pattern definition
  • Felt binding
  • Pure virgin wool/cotton
  • Fabric woven in Pendleton's American mills
  • Dry clean
  • Made in US